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Bed Bugs

Posted by Lilian

Bed Bug

Bed Bugs are parasitic and wingless insects belonging to the cimicid family.  They feed solely on blood of humans and animals.  Bed Bugs have long been known as human parasites for thousands of years.

Bed Bugs invade our homes, offices, hotels, restaurants, hospitals, libraries, movie theaters and nursing homes at lightning speed and with a vengeance.  These bugs only come out at night in search for blood meal from humans and animals.  Their residence is our beds, beddings,crevices, cracks on walls and in dark corners.

Bed Bugs crawl out at night and feed by sucking on animals and human blood.  They pierce into our skin with their elongated hypodermic needle like mouthparts.  Bed Bugs inject their victims with their numbing Novocain saliva.  Bed Bugs suck and engorged themselves with blood till they are satisfied and come back  to you the following night.

Bed Bugs glued their eggs in hiding places like cushion in chairs, behind head board of beds, in box springs, floor cervices and cracks of walls.  Bed Bug eggs hatch quickly under humidities and temperatures agreeable to humans.  From eggs to bed bugs, the life cycle is about four to five weeks.  Each female bed bug lay between 200 to 500 eggs in their lifetime which may last for two years.  Bed Bugs population may number to thousands in a very short period of time.  Adult Bed Bugs are about 3/16” which is about under 5mm in length.  They are oval and flat in shape.

After hatching from eggs, bed bugs go through five nymphal stages before a bed bug grow to full adult stage.  The nymph hatch in about 10 days.  Each stage they molt and shed their shell.  Nymph feed and move on to feed at another location on the host.  Bed Bugs life cycle from eggs to adult is between 36 and 120 days.    Their life span depend on environmental conditions as bed bug nymphs can survive long period of starvation up to a year!  Bed Bugs infestation need to be taken care of before you have a whole colony of bugs.

Bed Bugs are excellent hitch hikers.  They can hitch on clothing, baggage and items carried by human.  When you come back from your holidays, always check your baggages before bringing them into your house.  You do not want to bring in bed bugs, the uninvited guests to your home.

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